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Similar to a sand ceremony, our customers pour colored glass chips to symbolize their unity into a vessel. After the event we use the combined glass chips with hot clear glass to create unique works of art.

Unity Glass /
Wedding Ceremonies

Unity glass ceremonies are similar to sand ceremonies - our customers pour glass chips into a collective vessel to symbolize their love during their special day. After their wedding, they mail us back the chips for us to melt into clear glass to create stunning works of art.



1. Select your products from the options below and add them to your cart.

2. Check out and provide your address - we will then send the glass chips to you for your ceremony next with tracking emailed to you asap.

3. The kit will provide you with instructions on how to ship back the kit to our facility after your ceremony. Once your package arrives we will contact you with an ETA. We will then make your artwork and ship to you with tracking details.

4. Request photos of the process! Hire our professional photographers for an extra $99 to photograph the hot glass process, we will send you 10 final images of us working on your order.


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