Add a line of glow in the dark color to your memorial glass item! (Looks amazing on regular memorials and galaxy memorials). Add as many lines as you want for $20/ea in a variety of colors. The strip of glow in the dark powder will be near the colors you choose. *PLEASE NOTE*THE COLOR LOOKS AQUA OR BLUE ONLY WHEN IN THE DARK. THE DAYTIME COLOR WILL APPEAR YELLOW/OFFWHITE/DIS-COLORED JUST LIKE THE PHOTO ABOVE. CONTACT US WITH ANY QUESTIONS! TO ADD EXTRA COLORS TO YOUR ORDER CLICK HERE ADD ENGRAVING TO YOUR ORDER CLICK HERETO ADD SPARKLY GLASS TO YOUR ORDER CLICK HEREADD AN ASHES KIT TO YOUR ORDER CLICK HEREHOW DO I SEND THE ASHES?We will send instructions for sending your ashes to us directly next, OR feel free to pay for a kit (includes return envelopes, instructions, container) CLICK HERE FOR THE KIT. If you have paid for a kit please wait up to 10 days for it to arrive.       Ashes in glass keepsake, ashes keepsake, cremation glass, memorial glass art, cremation art, pet cremation, memorials and urns, cremation, ashes memorial, loved one, memorial art glass, artful ashes in glass, spirit pieces memorial glass art cremation and bereavement

Add a stripe of GLOW IN THE DARK powder to your order!