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We have been making high end lighting, chandeliers and ashes in glass keepsakes since 2009 for our incredible customers all over the world

Ashes in Glass Keepsake Memorials & Glass Urns

COMMEMORATE YOUR LOVED ONES with our hand-crafted memorials made with care by our talented team of artisans. Hand blown glass memorials are made with the ashes of our customers loved ones and molten glass at 2100F degrees.


Memorial Orbs


Memorial Hearts


Memorial Sleepy Cats


Galaxy Memorial Orbs


Memorial Pendants


Blown Glass Urns



Or contact us for custom options for your next project


We create chandeliers in a variety of styles and sizes

Contact us to design your own custom project or click below to see more lighting samples.


XL Pendant lights are available!

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Hand blown glass pendant lights are made from clear glass or color glass

We offer a wide variety of pendant light styles and sizes ranging from 5" to 9" in size.

Cremation ashes in glass keepsake, memorial glass, cremation glass ashes

Custom installation created by Mantra Glass Art for
Ghast Architecture & Nina Punzi CA / All rights reserved


"We recently bought a new home and I was searching for the perfect chandelier for our dining room. I found Mantra Glass Art, and Jessica worked with me to create and customize the perfect light for our space. It is gorgeous! We have received so many compliments on it! Definitely recommend if you are looking for a beautiful custom piece!"

Sarah R. Winter Springs, Florida Smoke blue 6pc Gold

Chandelier / December 2020

"My item came out better than I could have expected, it is a beautiful tribute to my beloved American bulldog, Capone. Being able to feel the weight in my hand is such a comfort and I love the security of knowing that at least the small portion of his ashes would be safe in case anything were to happen to my home. Jessica was wonderful to deal with and hi I’m so happy to have this beautiful piece of art to remember my best friend by."

Alixandra / Custom memorial glass orb with sparkly glass /
December 27th 2020

Megan / Custom memorial orb with turquoise /
December 24th 2020

"My best friend made it home just in time for Christmas ❤ Couldn't be happier. I absolutely love it. All I wanted for Christmas was her home and she arrived today."

Screen Shot 2021-03-15 at 3.40.48 PM.png

"I would 💯 percent recommend this shop, their customer service is amazing & the final Product... made my heart so happy. It’s as unique and beautiful as my little soul Puppy was ❤️"

Suzanne March 15th 2021

Clients: Nina Punzi /
Ghast Architects

Glass Chandelier Installation
HAND MADE BY Mantra Glass Art


Jessica Schimpf

B.F.A. Sculpture Maryland Institute College of Art
Studio Owner and Lead Glass Blower

Jessica's career started as a monumental welder and bronze artisan for The Sculpture Foundation - which made the largest sculptures in the world for artists, museums and cities (public installations). Jessica worked on the fabrication team that created work for famed artists: Seward Johnson, Kiki Smith and Jeff Koons and more.


Jessica first learned glass blowing after she saw a glass blower working in Baltimore. She created "Mantra Glass Art" as a mock company to see if products would sell. Mantra Glass Art Studios came to fruition in 2018 when she moved from Denver to Reno with a lot of support from the public! Jessica is grateful to be in such a supportive and artistic community that focuses on artistic growth.

Carolyn Nadeau


Carolyn first started coming to Mantra in 2019 after taking a series of lessons with Jessica.
She picked up glass blowing so fast that we realized she had to be a part of our glass community.

Carolyn has learned the art of fusing, torch-working and soft glass blowing. She has also volunteer taught with us at The Nevada Museum of Art.

Carolyn helps with complex lighting and other production pieces. She also helps with other very important studio needs and is a vital part of our community at Mantra.


Ryan Kurashewich


Ryan was first introduced to Mantra Glass Art in 2018 during one of our live open house events in Reno with his family. He signed up for classes soon after to learn soft glass and torch glass. He has excelled at both mediums very quickly.

Ryan is a skilled artisan that helps create our memorials, lighting and he even helps ship our weekly orders. Ryan is an enthusiastic learner and has accomplished so much over a short period of time.

Check out the photo above to see Ryan's first jellyfish design in glass!


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